The struggle over Insite

Vancouver's safe injection site, Insite, has been given respite from closure after a BC Supreme Court ruling found that it is protected by the Canadian Constitution. According to a press release from the Pivot Legal Society, the judge "found that the blanket prohibition against the possession of narcotics contained in the CDSA (Canadian Drugs and Substances Act) effectively prohibits health interventions such as InSite, and thus violates section 7 of the Charter; the right to life, liberty, and security of the person." You can read the entire Insite decision (Link removed - No longer exists) (in PDF). The judge has given the federal government a year to rewrite the drug laws to allow harm reduction measures and in the meantime has given Insite immunity from the drug laws to continue. While the federal government has said they will appeal the decision ("Feds to appeal B.C. court ruling on supervised injection sites") (Link removed - No longer exists), other harm reduction advocates and health practicitioners are hoping that the decision will allow for more supervised injection sites and prescribed heroin ("Advocates guess at potential ripples from B.C. safe-injection site ruling") (Link removed - No longer exists).

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