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Access to Justice

Nisga'a Lisims Government's Access to Justice Department supports Nisga'a citizens in the prevention and resolution of conflicts through increased awareness of Ayuukhl Nisga'a and Canadian laws and legal processes. Funded by Canada, the Access to Justice Department works in partnership with other organizations and manages the following programs.

Aboriginal Justice Program

This program assists in the monitoring of adults on supervision orders with British Columbia's Corrections Branch, liaises between Nisga'a communities and the Canadian justice system, encourages the revival of traditional Nisga'a ways of resolving conflict, and ensures Nisga'a communities have access to relevant legal information and services. To contact the Aborigianal Justice coordinator call 250 633 3070

Yuuhlimk'askw Program

The goal is to provide culturally appropriate alternative justice solutions. Yuuhlimk'askw (a Nisga'a way of counselling, guiding, cautioning, and supporting community members), is a proactive approach which involves the community in exploring the underlying causes of problem behaviours. To contact the Yuuhlimkaskw coordinator call 250 633 3070


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