BC Aboriginal Network on Disability Society

Toll-Free Phone: 
1-888-815-5511 – TTY Accessible
(250) 381-7312

bcands [at] bcands [dot] bc [dot] ca

Advocacy Description: 

BCAND advocates on behalf of aboriginal people with disabilities.

BCANDS assists and supports our clients, as able, acting as a liaison / lead between various service agencies and our clients to address their needs and obtain or develop a variety of health and disability services. A very few types of these services include, but not limited to; provision of mobility equipment, adaptive technology, assistance with Disability Tax Credits, accessing CPP Disability benefits and appeals, PWD applications, housing issues, travel assistance including travel arrangements which are not covered through Non Insured, assessments, etc.

BCANDS also works with clients through Correctional facilities, working with the correctional facility’s case managers to assist in the identification and provision of community related services and supports including but not limited to; housing, employment, counselling and so forth for the individual transitioning back into community.


1179 Kosapsum Crescent
Victoria, BC V9A 7K7