Portraits of Edmonton's Inner City

Portraits of Edmonton's Inner City (Video) is a audio slide show of people living in poverty in Edmonton, one of Canada's richest cities. The photographer, Pieter de Vos says it is an attempt to make sense of over a decade of inner city work, an attempt to combine photography with sound, narration, and reflection.

The artist has the following instructions:
In order to add another layer to the audio-visual experience, I have also included direct quotes and poetry written by street people in the captions. These can be toggled on-and- off on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. The captions are best viewed if you stop the presentation and then manually select the images along the timeline. As you move your mouse over the timeline, small thumbnails of the images will appear allowing you to select and view individual photos. The captions can then be toggled on our off and read at your convenience.