Welfare changes in the Northwest Territories

As of September 1st, the Government of the Northwest Territories structural and philosophical changes to their income assistance program, including changing their philosophy from one of "last resort" to "providing adequate financial assistance in combination with supports and services to help people achieve self-reliance." Substantive changes include:

  • A food rate based on Canada's Nutritious Food Basket to meet Canada's guidelines for healthy eating;
  • A clothing rate adjusted for cost of living by community;
  • New benefits for seniors and persons with disabilities;
  • A $150 increase in the single shelter rate;
  • A new unearned exemption of $1,200 a year;
  • An increase in the earnings exemption.

Canadian Social Research Links a number of related publications from the NWT: http://www.canadiansocialresearch.net/ntbkmrk.htm. See the Northwest Territories Income Security site.