Manitoba Welfare to Work Program

Manitoba has announced a four year program called "Rewarding Work" for welfare recipients. Read more in the CBC article, "Manitoba initiatives aim to break down 'welfare wall'" and in the Manitoba Government Rewarding Work backgrounder. Here are some details of the plan:

  • Manitoba Child Benefit - Benefits of $35/month per a child to families with annual incomes up to $20,000. For people receiving income assistance, this benefit will replace part of the benefits they receive through welfare. (i.e. welfare recipients will not receive any more benefit.)
  • Child Care Fees - Fees for subsidized child care will be reduced from $2.40 per day per child to $2. Amount parents can earn will be increased by 13%.
  • Job Seekers Allowance - $300/year for single adults and couples who are actively looking for work.
  • Employment Stipend - Up to $1200/year for work clothing and transportation.
  • Enhanced Training and Education - Up to 24 months available for skills training.
  • Single Parents keep up to $115, and 25% above this amount from work each month.
  • Income Assistance for Persons with Disabilities will increase by $300 to $1260/month in January 2008.