Nova Scotia Mini Guide to Applying for Social Assistance

The Community Advocates Network in Halifax has put together a mini manual for people navigating the income assistance program called Social Assistance and You (in PDF). You can download chapters of the manual below.

Getting Income Assistance.pdf162.79 KB
Assistance Appeals.pdf248.67 KB
Employability Assessment and Job Search Requirements.pdf89.88 KB
Children Policies.pdf53.66 KB
Family Policies.pdf242.02 KB
Income and Assets.pdf58.96 KB
Overpayments and Underpayments.pdf44.69 KB
Pharmacare.pdf42.83 KB
Policies for Persons with Disabilities.pdf90.44 KB
Special Needs.pdf94.61 KB
The Basic Needs Budget.pdf79.18 KB
Youth Policy.pdf133.11 KB