Low Income Hotels Sold, Moratorium Denied

According to research done by the PIVOT Legal Society (Link removed - No longer exists) and the Carnegie Community Action Project, one in five open lodging house rooms in Vancouver have been sold or put up for sale since January 2006. According to an article in the Tyee, "Poverty Hotel Buying Binge" the hotels that have been sold represent about 1,010 of the estimated 5,000 SRO rooms that remain in the Downtown Eastside. Many activists, residents and community groups fear that this will drastically increase the already high number of homeless people in the city. In October, Vision Vancouver proposed that the city put a moratorium on the demolition of any more Single Room Occupancy (SRO) units. At various council meetings over the last couple months, mote then a hundred people have voiced their support of the moratorium. At one council meeting the Anti-Poverty Committee performed a play called A Tragedy in 2 1/2 Acts (available for viewing on YouTube) about the hotel evictions. Despite the community support for the moratorium, the Vancouver city council defeated the motion on February 13th.