Progressive Calendars for Sale

There are a number of progressive organizations across Canada that are selling beautiful and inspiring fundraising calendars for the new year. You can order many of these online or seek out calendars for sale in your hometown. Here are some calendars that we know about:

bccpd calendar2007 BC Coalition of People with Disabilities Fundraising Calendar - The BCCPD Calendar is a beautiful full-colour calendar with the art of carol weaver, available for order online.

Multifaith Calendar: Expressions of HopeThe 2007 Multifaith Calendar: Expressions of Hope - This is a full-colour calendar celebrating the traditions of 14 different faiths with the theme of hope. You can find retailers across Canada and the US on this online map. In BC you can order the calendar through the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC with their printable order form (in PDF).

PIVOT CalendarPIVOT 2007 Downtown Eastside Portrait Calendar: Hope in the Shadows - For the past couple of years the PIVOT Legal Society has handed out free disposable black and white cameras to residents of the Downtown Eastside. The best photos have been published in the yearly calendar. You can print out an order form (in PDF) online, or find it at many retailers in Vancouver or seek out one of the many licensed street vendors who receive half the profits of each sale.

certain daysCertain Days: The 2007 Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar - The Certain Days Calendar is a fundraiser and educational project between some organizers in Montreal and three political prisoners in the US. It is a beautiful full colour calendar with art and information about various movements across North America. You can order the calendar online.