Beyond Decriminalization: Sex Work and Law Reform

Pivot's report, Beyond Decriminalization: Sex Work, Human Rights and a New Framework for Law Reform presents the results of two years of research and in depth discussions with eighty-four sex workers from various aspects of the sex industry in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. The report moves beyond the question of criminal law reform by looking at what kind of reforms would be required in a number of different areas of law including labour, municipal, immigration, and family law, in order to protect sex workers in the event that the adult sex industry is decriminalized. Katrina Pacey, Pivot lawyer and author of the report says, "The bottom line is that sex workers want access to the same legal and human rights protections that are afforded to other Canadians. Decriminalization is only the first step to making this possible." Pivot's Sex Work page has more information on their work to empower sex workers to determine the laws they would like to see governing sex work.