Canadian Human Rights Act Review Panel

The Panel is reviewing all aspects of the Canadian Human Rights Act (including adding "enforceable social and economic rights" to the Act as a grounds for discrimination). The term can include people on welfare, single parents, people in occupations like domestic workers, people branded as inferior because they have difficulty reading, and people whose dress or pattern of speech identify them as coming "from the wrong side of the tracks." (definition from BC Human Rights Review: Report on Human Rights in British Columbia by William W. Black.)

The Committee travelled throughout Canada in September and October of 1999 to hear from human rights advocates on changes to the Act. Contact: Canadian Human Rights Review Panel, Place de Ville, Tower B, 122 Kent Street, 8th floor, Ottawa, ONTARIO K1P 5P2. (613) 946-1388 (phone); (613) 946-1387 (fax) for more information or check out the Canadian Human Rights Review website.