Federated Anti-Poverty Groups of BC - Nutritional Supplement Press Release

Thursday, October 04, 2001

Press Release

While we, of the fapg, applaud the Liberal government for making $225 per month available to persons living with severe medical conditions causing progressive health deterioration, we feel that they have not honoured their commitment to honesty and transparency. While the government announced the good news, they failed to make clear the bad news. By abolishing schedule C, section 2.1(l) of the BC Benefits program regulation and amending other important health care regulations, the government is reducing health care benefits for tens of thousands of people who will be unable to obtain essential health benefits necessary to sustain life.

For example, Carolyn, a fapg member, says: "All hope has just been taken away from me and many others. I will not live in excruciating pain and immobility again. I had hoped that my needs could be covered under schedule C Section 2.1 (l). I require decompression spinal treatments for a back problem and this treatment is not available to me under regular BC Benefits. I now face an increase in my pain, the inability to move, and ultimately, losing my life."

Reality is that people who apply for these kinds of treatment apply to the Ministry of Human Resources as a last resort. These changes mean that many people who are in desperate health circumstances now have nowhere to turn.

We thought that this provincial government had committed to preserving peoples' access to health care. By today's actions, they have abandoned their commitment to health care and hurt some of the most vulnerable people in our province.

On Friday October 5, a silent vigil will be held in front of the Ramada Inn, Pentiction at 10 am for those who will lose their lives as a result of this government's policies.


Giselle Guay
President, fapg of BC