June 12, 2006
"The First Nations Summit Chiefs, upon creating the First Nations Technology Council in 2002, declared the internet a crucial element of life, as vital as clean water or community land." The Tyee's...
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June 29, 2005
A new wireless broadband network is installed in isolated communities in Nunavut. This network will give communities that have little access to services the ability to access online information and...
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October 30, 2002
Download the study by EKOS Research Associates, Tracking the Dual Digital Divide (in PDF), tracks updates on general access levels to the internet, and who's still not online. It also discusses...
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December 6, 2001
The Premier’s Technology Council (PTC) released its First Quarterly Report (in PDF) - November 22, 2001. Among other things the PTC is examining ways to removing barriers that keep many British...
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November 18, 2001
The days of slow connections are a thing of the past for Dawson City. October saw highspeed access available to Dawson City residents in the form of cable and DSL.
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August 20, 2001
The G8 - the Group of 8 of the world's most industrialized nations meet annually to discuss everything from international trade to the environment to relations with developing countries and beyond...
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