December 17, 2013
Two senior Conservative cabinet ministers have come out with remarks recently that show ignorance and disregard for people living in poverty. Last week Industry Minister James Moore was asked about...
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August 21, 2013
An article in this week's Georgia Straight says that several advocacy groups have warned that TransLink’s new Compass fare card could make it impossible for social-service providers to continue to...
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Sharon Kravitz
July 2, 2013
A Vancouver artist and activist, shares stories and photos of some of the work she has done in the Downtown Eastside for the last 20 years and how the community is changing with gentrification.
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June 11, 2013
Advocates in the Downtown Eastside are claiming that the police are targeting poor people with jaywalking and vending tickets. PIVOT and VANDU through a freedom of information request found that in...
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July 18, 2012
The topic of Homeless Hub's latest newsletter is the affect social profiling has on the homeless, Social profiling refers to the use of a person's social status (in this case, their homelessness) by...
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May 30, 2011
Poverty Olympics is a site put together by a group of concerned citizens and community groups who want the 2010 Winter Games’ legacy to be one of reducing, not increasing, poverty and homelessness. (...
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Justice with Dignity
April 14, 2011
Canadians were outraged in August 2001 when Kimberly Rogers died, destitute, alone and eight months pregnant, while under house arrest for welfare fraud. What many people do not know is that the...
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The Dignity Project
March 1, 2011
Many Canadians believe that the poor are themselves responsible for living in poverty, says a new report exploring attitudes on poverty by the Salvation Army. This report launches The Dignity Project...
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December 13, 2010
An interesting article in the Tyee analyses how right wing politicians have been twisting it backwards by declaring bicycles and public transportation as elitist.
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Assets to Action
July 27, 2010
The Vision was developed over two years with input from a massive sample of 1200 Downtown Eastside (DTES) residents, in co-operation with many DTES groups. The process, led by the Carnegie Community...
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