August 31, 2017
BC Provincial Court and Clicklaw have collaborated to provide you with a curated collection of helpful basics for: Small Claims Court Family Court Criminal Court Each page includes a printable PDF...
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February 16, 2015
The Georgia Straight has published an open letter from First Call BC to BC Premiere Christy Clark and BC Minister for Children and Family Development Stephanie Cadieux. The letter responds to...
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November 19, 2014
The BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre is assisting a Lower Mainland woman who wants a B.C. Supreme Court judge to overturn a B.C. Legal Services Society decision denying her legal aid. The case...
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May 8, 2014
The Federal Court of Appeal ruled last week that Canadian employers must try to accommodate parents juggling work with child-care obligations. The judges found that the Canada Border Services Agency...
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April 29, 2014
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has published its report, "Working for a Living Wage 2014: Making Paid Work Meet Basic Family Needs in Metro Vancouver." The report finds that the living...
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March 24, 2014
Squamish officials backed a call for a $10-a-day B.C. child care program that would come with a $1.5 billion annual price tag. Last week, the District of Squamish became the 26th municipality to...
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March 10, 2014
West Coast LEAF has proposed two ways to address a critical lack of family law services in British Columbia. The first recommendation is a pilot project with lawyers working in community agencies so...
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February 19, 2014
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has published an article on their Policy Note blog entitled, "What you need to know about BC Budget 2014." It notes that despite a significantly weak...
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Feeding my family
April 2, 2013
The Feeding My Family group has been working to bring awareness to the fact that the high cost of food is preventing many Northerners from living healthy, happy and productive lives. From Northern...
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July 30, 2012
The Childcare Resource and Research Unit is an early childhood education and child care (ECEC) policy research institute with a mandate to further policy and programs in Canada.
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