Types of Content

  • Applying For...

    This section is for applications and forms, links and information on how to apply for welfare, disability, pensions, student loans, legal aid, social housing, immigration and refugee status, advcocacy resources etc.

  • Find An Advocate

    This section is for PovNet's database of community-based advocates in every province and territory in Canada. For more information on how to find an advocate in your community or in your area of need go to our Find an Advocate Help page.

  • Government Information

    This section is for links to government websites, acts and regulations, manuals, policy etc.

  • News

    This section is for news stories, current events, and newly released information such as reports, press releases etc.

  • Online Resources

    This section is for resources available online such as online manuals, publications, guides, help sheets, databases and/or other resources.

  • Blogs

    This section features links to interesting poverty-related blogs.

  • Using PovNet

    This category is for help and information using the PovNet website.