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The Hansard Association link page connects to the online transcripts of national, provincial and territorial legislative debates.
Keywords: Legal Research, All of Canada
The Canada Pension Plan webpage is well laid out and provides information about Old Age Security and the Canada Pension Plan. Le site web de la Régime de pensions du Canada a une disposition utile et...
Keywords: cpp, Seniors and Elders, All of Canada
Official government website. Links to housing, statistics on living conditions, post-secondary education, social development and youth. Les questions sociales s'enchaine au logement, aux statistiques...
Keywords: Indigenous, Inuit, All of Canada
CMHC is Canada's national housing agency. CMHC - the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation has a compilation of data from all provinces and territories as a part of their website on information...
Keywords: Housing, Tenants' Rights, All of Canada
Industry Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy website offers a page of bankruptcy statistics. Le site web du bureau du Surintendant des faillites Canada - un organisme de l'industrie...
Keywords: bankruptcy, Debt and Consumer Law, statistics, All of Canada
The Tax Statistics website, provided by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (Revenue Canada), is full of information and is easy to navigate. Le site web des Statistiques sur le revenu, fournissait par...
Keywords: Poverty Research, statistics, tax, All of Canada
Statistics Canada, the information branch of the federal government, is a useful resource for advocates doing research on the facts and figures of poverty. Statistique Canada, le bureau encharge d'...
Keywords: Poverty Research, statistics, All of Canada
This Canadian Government agency was created in 2003 and is responsible for border security. Cette agence du Gouvernemt Canadien était créé en 2003 et elle est responsable pour la sécurité des...
Keywords: border security, All of Canada
This Canadian Government website has information on the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. Ce site web du Governement Canadien a de l'information sur la Commission de l'immigration et du...
Keywords: Immigrants and Refugees, All of Canada
This is the official Canadian government website for citizenship and immigration information. Apply to visit, study, work or immigrate to Canada, apply for citizenship or a permanent resident card,...
Keywords: Immigrants and Refugees, All of Canada
The Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) is a community-based program aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness by providing direct support and funding to 61 designated communities across...
Keywords: Homelessness, Housing, housing funding, All of Canada
The Canadian online resource has extensive links to BC government web sites.
Keywords: government website links, British Columbia
This BC Laws website lists the Court Rules for Small Claims Court under the Court Rules Act and Small Claims Act.
Keywords: small claims court rules, British Columbia
BC Stats is the central statistical agency of the Province of British Columbia. The Stats BC website is a great resource for doing research, since it is provided by the part of the BC government in...
Keywords: statistics, British Columbia
The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia website allows you to find a Member of the Legislative Assembly, and provides you with their email address, and office phone and fax numbers.
Keywords: British Columbia
The BC Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation website has information on employment, welfare, and disability.
Keywords: Disability, Government Policy, Unemployment, Welfare, British Columbia
The Government of BC website links to all government ministries, programs, organizations, and publications.
Keywords: British Columbia
The BC Government Directory is the search page that allows you to search for the addresses, phone and fax numbers for every government office, agency and almost every government employee.
Keywords: British Columbia
The BC Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation website publishes current and past BC Employment and Assistance Rate Tables.
Keywords: assistance rates, British Columbia
The federal and provincial government offer programs that can help you repay your Canada-B.C. integrated student loans. Some are debt management programs designed for people having difficulty making...
Keywords: debt relief, student loans, British Columbia