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The Office of the Seniors Advocate monitors and analyzes seniors’ services and issues in B.C., and makes recommendations to government and service providers to address systemic issues.
Keywords: senior's issues, British Columbia
The mission of the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) is to coordinate the federal response to homelessness and to create a national partnership at every level of government...
Keywords: Homelessness, United States
This online resource provides extensive links to Yukon government websites.
Keywords: Yukon
Yukon Health and Social Services is the department responsible for welfare in the Yukon.
Keywords: Welfare, Yukon
The Government of Saskatchewan's Publications Centre site includes links to Saskatchewan's Acts and Regulations.
Keywords: Legal Research, Saskatchewan
The Quebec government site includes links to Québec Acts and Regulations.
Keywords: Legal Research, Québec - This is the Québec government website on immigrating to Quebec. - ça c'est le site web du...
Keywords: Immigrants and Refugees, Québec
The PEI government website contains information on immigrating to PEI. This department is responsible for the delivery of the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP). The PEI PNP...
Keywords: Immigrants and Refugees, Prince Edward Island
PEI's Legislative Counsel Office website includes links to PEI statutes and regulations.
Keywords: Prince Edward Island
The Nunavut Court of Justice site lists several links for Nunavut bills, land claim agreement, and acts and regulations. The Legislation Division of the Justice Department of the Government of...
Keywords: Legal Research, Nunavut
This online resource has extensive links to the Nova Scotia government websites.
Keywords: Nova Scotia
This is the Nova Scotia government site on immigrating to Nova Scotia.
Keywords: Nova Scotia
Education, Culture and Employment Home Page is the online site for the ministry responsible for welfare in the Northwest Territories.
Keywords: Art and Culture, Education, Welfare, Northwest Territories
This is the official site for New Brunswick Acts and Regulations. New Brunswick Acts and Regulations are officially published on-line under the authority of the Queen’s Printer Act. Legal advice,...
Keywords: Legal Research, New Brunswick
The government of New Brunswick's Department of Social Development website has a section listing the services and programs available to people with disabilities.
Keywords: Persons with Disabilities, PWD, New Brunswick
The Manitoba government website has a page of Manitoba Acts and a page of the province's Regulations.
Keywords: Legal Research, Manitoba
The Alberta Queen's Printer site includes links to Alberta's Acts and Regulations.
Keywords: Alberta, Legal Info (PLEI), Legal Research
Alberta Human Services is the department responsible for welfare (income support) in Alberta.
Keywords: Alberta
The Canadian Government's Budget webpage links to prior years' government budgets.
Keywords: government budget, Government Policy, All of Canada
This official government website provides a database of its publications. The federal government provides a weekly list of everything published by all government ministries and departments. There is...
Keywords: All of Canada