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If you are a non-profit advocacy group working in Canada and your organization is not listed in PovNet's Find an Advocate Directory (and would like to be), you can use this form to contact us and send us your details.

If you are listed but would like to request changes/updates to your entry (or would like to be removed), please contact us with your new information.

Advocates listed on the PovNet maps are referred by members of their own communities. PovNet policy is that advocates listed on our maps do not run advocacy services as profit-making businesses, but we do not necessarily have direct information about each group listed. If you have any concerns or complaints, please contact us.


If you are someone looking for help with a poverty-related legal issue, please DO NOT fill in this form or send us any personal information. For advice with a specific legal problem, please contact a lawyer, advocate or community legal clinic. Visit our Find an Advocate directory to locate someone close to you who can help.

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