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From PeacockPoverty:

PeacockPoverty is a collection of individuals with an experience of poverty who join together to share knowledge, strength, talent and wisdom with each other and our friends.

Peacock Poverty posts poverty news and opinion in an online magazine format with contributor blogs. Updated regularly, the site has a comprehensive index of...

Keywords: Homelessness, Human Rights, Media, Organizing, Poverty Research, Unemployment, Welfare, All of Canada, International

Peel Poverty Action Group is composed of service providers, advocates and individuals working towards the elimination of poverty in the Region of Peel.

Keywords: Organizing, Ontario

Spirit of Warrior Harriet Nahanee is a blog dedicated to actions and analysis surrounding the legacy of Harriet Nahanee, an elder who died working to expose and resist the destruction of the Olympics 2010.

(2007 - 2008)

Keywords: Indigenous, Organizing, British Columbia

Picture the Homeless Blog is a housing, homelessness & policy blog.

Picture the Homeless is a grassroots organization, founded and led by homeless people. We are organizing for social justice around issues like housing, police violence, and the shelter-industrial complex. Our name is about challenging images, stigma, media (mis) representation - as well as putting forward an...

Keywords: Homelessness, New York, Organizing, United States

Fredericton Peace Coalition Weblog is an extensive blog dealing with issues of war, poverty, violence, inequity, and injustice.

Keywords: Organizing, New Brunswick

Homeless Nation is a non-profit endeavor founded by Daniel Cross, a documentary filmmaker whose films deal with social justice and Canada's homeless. In the making of his films "The Street" and "S.P.I.T. - Squeegee Punks In Traffic", hundreds of Montreal's homeless community shared their many, amazing stories with him. So many, that he was not able to fit them all into his films.


Keywords: Homelessness, Organizing, All of Canada

Strategic Thoughts is a blog run by David Schreck. It provides in-depth analysis of the BC Government's new policies and legislation.

Keywords: Government Policy, Organizing, Workers' Rights, British Columbia