PovNet Staff

PovNet's staff includes an executive co-ordinator, as well as contract training development, technical support, web content maintenance and facilitators for online courses.

Current Staff

Nicky Dunlop: PovNetU

Nicky Dunlop:
Executive Co-ordinator and PovNetU Co-ordinator

Kara Sievewright: Web Co-ordinator & Illustrator

Kara Sievewright:
Web Co-ordinator & illustrator

Former Staff

Penny Goldsmith: Executive Co-ordinator

Penny Goldsmith:
Former Executive Co-ordinator

Marlowe Wytenberg: PovNetU Training Coordinator

Marlowe Wytenberg:
Former Technical Support

Diane Brennan: PovNetU Developer & Facilitator

Diane Brennan:
Former PovNetU Developer & Facilitator

PovNetU Regular PovNetU
Facilitators include:
  • Janet Berry
  • Tish Lakes
  • Russ Godfrey
  • Judy Storness-Kress