PovNet uses many online tools to facilitate communication, community and access to information.

PovNet Website

PovNet's website ( provides up-to-date news, information about resources in British Columbia and Canada regarding poverty issues and anti-poverty advocacy. It is a clearinghouse of web content about current anti-poverty issues, and also provides hundreds of links to other anti-poverty organizations and resources in Canada and internationally.

It also features a map section called Find An Advocate that helps visitors get in touch with advocates in their own communities across Canada to get help with their legal or poverty-related issues. The map also links to local agents (for legal aid), regional legal aid offices, workers advisers, government agents, pro bono services and other provincial resources in British Columbia.

PovNet Mailing Lists

PovNet hosts dozens of private mailing lists for advocates and community workers across Canada, dedicated to a number of issues relevant to anti-poverty advocacy work. To get more information on our various mailing lists and request your subscription, please contact PovNet directly, as membership is internally managed due to the confidential nature of the discussions.


PovNetU ( is a collection of online courses for anti-poverty advocates in BC. The courses are intended to be a useful and cost efficient way of improving the skills and knowledge of advocates and people who need to advocate for themselves.

The courses are facilitated by experienced advocates and include online discussion forums that enable participants to talk to and collaborate with one another as well as do individual work at their own pace (within the course timeline).

To learn more and take a peek at our courses, check out our PovNetU Slideshow (PDF).

If you have questions about PovNetU and the courses, please visit the site and contact the PovNetU Coordinator at povnetu [at] povnet [dot] org.

PovNet's Social Networking

PovNet also has an online presence on social networking sites:

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