Fellowship Award

Fellowship Awarded to PovNet Co-ordinator

In 2008, PovNet's Executive Co-ordinator Penny Goldsmith was awarded the inaugural Alan Thomas Fellowship to Promote Civil Society and Voluntary Action from the Carold Institute.

The Fellowship has been established to promote greater public understanding of the significance of voluntary action and to strengthen leadership for civil society and democratic/voluntary action. It is intended to provide a sabbatical to a leader in the NGO/non-profit sector, who would not normally have access to a sabbatical leave to make a significant contribution to the NGO/non-profit sector through research and possible publication or dissemination in the medium of the applicant’s choice (e.g. film, exhibit, performance piece).

As a result of this fellowship, Penny is working on a book entitled Humanizing Technology: the PovNet Story. She spent some time interviewing advocates and community workers about PovNet, which resulted in these resources: